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Communication, Collaboration and Data Mining for Students experiencing behavioral issues




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Faro10 aggregates and mines data from the Student, Parents, Counselors, and Social Media, to act as an early warning system of dangerous or harmful student behavior.
When an alarming student condition has been identified, Faro10 automatically alerts their emergency contacts through email, text and within the application.

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Providing schools with better tools to support students through troubling times

  • Monitor students who are struggling with depression, bullying, or other behavioral issue.
  • Track Student Social Media habits to identify non-standard behavior.
  • Better insight into which students may require attention at any given time.
  • Measurement-based real-time feedback from the student and observers (including family members) regarding how they are doing.
  • Students can request help for themselves or others through the mobile app.
  • Automated alerts if a student or observer records something regarding violent intentions.
  • Collaborative treatment between school Counselors and treating Clinicians.


How it Works

Holistic approach for students struggling with behavioral issues.

1) Students and Observers use the mobile app to track themselves and make observations of others

2) The Faro application analyzes student data to display charts and alerts that visualize student well-being for Counselors

3) School Counselors use their “Counselor Dashboard” to monitor students, track their progress, and identify dangerous behavior

4) School Counselors provide feedback to Clinicians through their “Counselor Dashboard” for students being treated outside of the school by a Professional Clinician

5) The Clinician uses this holistic view of their patients' well-being, along with prescription consistency and medication effectiveness information to provide an evidence-based approach to treatment

To learn more about introducing measurement-based treatment using Faro10, Contact us for a demo, and we'll walk you through all of the great features.